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Here We are presenting some of our Kutch's Specialities which makes it different from other Regions..

Music Culture of Kutch   MUSIC CULTURE:

The music of Kutch is a brilliant showcase of diversity, much akin to its culture. Each tribe that came brought its own culture, including music and instruments. Over the years they have ascribed a unique identity to the region.


Kutch is known for the colourful silken threads that decorate traditional odhnis and batuas worn by Kutchi women. Embroidery is the most visible and recognized craft in Kutch. 18 forms of embroideries colour the region, representing Kutch’s diverse cultures, communities, and landscapes. Colour and craftsmanship are not limited to Kutch Embroideries. There are over 20 other textile and non – textile craft sectors which constitute artisans’ primary source of income.
Carved Wood   CARVED WOOD:

Decorative deep and shallow relief designs are carved into architectural focal points, bird houses, and furniture merging styles from Gujarat and Surrounding regions.


Local clay mirrors and metal work decorate walls and furniture in traditional Bhungas. Designs replicate embroidery motifs and local flora and fauna. Local clay is sculpted, sundried and fired into hand painted earthenware and ornamental pieces.

  terra cotta pottery
Silver Work   SILVER CRAFT:

Silver, known for its white quality that resists tarnishing is shaped into tribal jewelry and vessels. Colourful work with meena brightens traditional designs.

Intricately painted fabrics are made by hand twisting colorful castor- based gum from a metal rod or stick into designs. The fabric is folded to create a mirror image of the painting.

  Rogan Work

Traditional shawls, stoles, textiles and carpets are hand woven with traditional motifs on pit and shuttle looms in local wool cotton and silks.


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